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Technology Scholarship 2013

In this webcast Lesley Pearce explains the student attributes and
evidence required to be successful at the 2013 aligned technology
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Exploring a context and issue

Beth McCrystal illustrates the importance of
exploring a context andissue within brief development.
This presentation aims to develop a better understanding around the importance of exploring a context in order to
select an authentic issue.
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Fitness for Purpose: in the broadest sense

In this webcast Malcolm Howard introduces the concept of 'Fitness for
purpose in the broadest sense'. This is a key concept at level 8 of the
New Zealand Curriculum and is specifically mentioned in a number of
level 3 achievement standards and in the technology scholarship standard.
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Washing-line Strategy

In this webcast Lesley Pearce looks at one effective strategy to
engage students in collaborative learning around the process of brief development.
Collaborative learning strategies can be an effective way to engage
students who have not previously been achieving in technology.
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Literacy and Language Strategies

This webcast focuses on subject specific literacy. In this presentation
Malcolm Howard shares some literacy and language strategies to assist
students with writing in technology. The aim of the webcast is to provide
ideas of ways teachers can support students writing reports for the
externally assessed standards, but it is also relevant for any piece of
writing in technology.
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In this webcast Lesley Pearce presents resources and ideas for integrating
career education into technology. There are practical suggestions that link
to the values, vision, principles and key competencies of the New Zealand
Curriculum, and incorporate great ideas for links to the achievement
objectives. Comes with practical and downloadable resources specially
developed for integrating career education into this learning area.
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