Knowledge of Materials

“Technological products are material in nature and exist in the world as a result of human design. Understanding the relationship between composition of materials and their performance properties is essential for understanding and developing technological products.”
Page 56 Technology Curriculum Support

Course resources: 20th August 2012
At level 1
Students will learn how materials are produced, how they function, what characteristics they have and how they are shaped and used.
Power point used during course
20th August 2012

Material properties definition, this is not an exhausted list!


Pair definition
•Students work in pairs.
•One student writes a definition for a given word, and then the other student, who has not see the original word, writes a word that fits the definition
•Purpose: recall, write their own definition and share

Writing frame: one suggestion. Plus a planning clock that asks and gives examples of another possible writing proforma.

Telephone whispers:
Activity for 4 students. Teacher prepares 4 different charts and puts a word(s) into the first column. Each group has 4 different charts. First students writes the definition of the word they can see, they then fold over the word, and passes to the second member who reads the definition and they write the word that goes with the definition. Then they fold to hide the definition . The third student looks at the word and writes the definition. The fourth then writes the word. Open up to see all interactions and check if words and definitions are similar and discuss any anomalies.