IM/ICT Term 4 2008 Cluster meeting
Debbie Morrow's resources on Planning and the technology Curriculum

Anthony's Planning for US 5956

Common US and Achievement Standards

Its been great working with all of you. Hope you have a restful and enjoyable break.

11th June Cluster Meeting
Sylvia's Presentation

In case you are not able to link to the movie from the Powerpoint, then here is the URL for the Movie from Youtube:

Tracy's presentation

Cliff Harwood's Presentation

1st April Cluster Meeting

My Presentation:

  • New Zealand Curriculum – Technology and Key Competencies

  • Key Factors (AS) - their Implications, Interactions, and Prioritisations

  • Digital Technology Framework

  • Information Management – CATS for AS 90036, 90035, 90034
Proposed changes to Information Management Achievement Standards

  • Beacon Case studies - click on Alternative assessment schedule once on this page (written in blue). Beacon case studies thinking strategy document for planning for future programs and some program examples for levels 1 & 2.