Regional Technology Cluster Meetings.

Literacy, and much more, in the technology classroom using Techlink Case studies

How to use case studies, videos, websites to inform students practice when writing reports.
Appropriate for Senior and Junior classes, across a range of contexts and learning areas.
We look forward to seeing you there
Kind regards Lesley and Gabrielle
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Edgewater College
Mt Albert Grammar School
Alfriston College
Westlake Girls College
Kelston Girls College
Wednesday 8th June
Wednesday 29th June
Thursday 9th June
Wednesday 15th June
Thursday 16th June
3.45 refreshments 4pm to 6pm

Term 2 resources
Session run by Lesley Pearce
Take one Techlink case study: Pams animated commercials. Look
for opportunitiees to develop student understandings of the curriculum.
This case study has many opportunities, view the ppt for more details.
Pams summertime commercial

Session run by Gabrielle Ashton
Accessing evidence for collaboration of disciplines when producing a technological outcome. AS 1.6, 1.8 and 1.9