Brief development

This ppt aims to identify an issue through exploring the given context through comprehensive exploration and critical analysis. The chosen context is outdoor living.

Teaching and Learning:
Brief development is a dynamic process that reflects the complex interactions within ongoing technological practice. A brief is developed to clearly describe a desired outcome that would meet a need or realise an opportunity, and takes into account the physical and social environment. It is comprised of a conceptual statement that communicates what is to be done and why it should be done. It also includes specifications that define the requirements of a technological outcome in terms of its physical and functional nature. The specifications provide guidance for ongoing evaluation during the development of an outcome, as well as serving as an evaluative tool against which the final outcome can be justified as fit for purpose. Brief Development can be thought of as the defining practices of technological practice.
A strategy that works for all areas of technology, just replace
the image on the worksheet. A citrus squeezer/reamer,
costing $5 approximately from a kitchen shop was purchased.
Students, in groups, were allowed to explore the reamer and
then write out the specifications.
(Some students chose to draw it with all the measurements!).
Next they worked out the possible attributes, conceptual
statement and even the context or issue.

Brief development power point

An example of a completed worksheet by an adult. For younger
students this could be completed through discussions in a group.
Next stage get them to chose a technological outcome and
repeat the process. works well with toys.

Attributes are descriptive aspects of the physical
and functional nature of atechnological outcome.
Specifications define the
requirements of the physical and functional
nature of the outcome in a way that is
measurable. For example, an attribute may
refer to the outcome being small enough to
be comfortably held, whereas the specification
would give the precise measurement in terms
of length, width and depth.

Level 1 to 8 Indicators of progression for Brief development