Level 2 NCEA Alignment of NCEA Achievement Standards

Step ups from Level 1 to level 2
Generic technology step ups

DVC step ups

Powerpoints used by Lesley Pearce in regional presentations
Level 2 Technological practice
From issue to technological solution. Draft 2.1, 2.3

Draft 2.5
Level 2 Technological modelling
Part A and Part B

Draft 2.10 Sustainability

Draft 2.20 and 2.21
Implement advanced techniques resistant and textiles

Level 7 curriculum planning

DVC Level 7 Presentation
Part A: Introduction
Part B Visual Communication

Part C Activity: Observation, Revisit sketching styles
Part D: Drawing shadows

Part E: Graphics Practice
Part F: Product design - sketch modelling
Part G: Presentation, Design eras

Spatial design: Power points A and B
Container design
Images and text to explain the possibilities of a
unit of work suitable for level 2 DVC students

Product design: Power points 1 and 2
Images and text to support a unit of work suitable