Second National Workshop May and June 2013

Key messages for all level 8 achievement objectives
and learning objectives with specific reference to the level 3 NCEA assessment

Session A: power point
Update on our priority students, differentiation, pathways

Session A: activities on differentiation

Session A: pathways
The activity takes some of the questions from the Pathways tool and by cutting them up, and making groups of thee people each holding a different colour, they discuss the questions and respond

Session B Level 3 externals and strategies for teaching and learning

Session B: activities
Achievement Standard - 3.5

HETTANZ 24th May 2013 Palmerston North

First session Programme planning
Second session Brief Development
Presenting work Composition skills

Matamata Workshop 8th August 2012

Resources use for Intermediate teachers
Who are our 21st century learners and what
does that mean for us as teachers?
Looking at Nature of Technology.
Creative modelling activity

Tauranga GATTA Workshop 25th August 2012

Power point divided into 3 sections.
Covers:21st century learners, pathways,
literacy for US's and AS's, Functional modelling,
planning clock for 1.6, writing frames